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Fabric Care ETOSHA continues to be one of the global leaders in fragrances for laundry detergents, fabric softeners, and specialty laundry products. As the global fabric care market has evolved, consumers worldwide have continually sought out products that signal the best cleaning job and present the most caring fabric image. ETOSHA's fragrances help our customers meet those expectations and build brands through powerful scent associations that are tailored to local consumer preferences. With key input from R&D, we maintain customer satisfaction and industry leadership, providing long-lasting fragrances for freshness.
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Global Reach

With perfumers and fragrance evaluators, as well as marketing, consumer insight, and technical application experts, working in "Centers of Excellence" in all key regions, ETOSHA has the talent, resources, and global reach to meet the demands of any customer in the world.


Market Understanding and Consumer Expertise

ETOSHA's consumer insight and marketing teams interpret trends, new product launches, quantitative market data, and consumer research to bring new and exciting ideas to our clients. As these ideas develop into new products, ETOSHA utilizes its global resources to test fragrances before they go to market to help ensure success. ETOSHA's consumer research programs allow us to benchmark and explore new fragrance options for fabric care products. Our consumer and marketing expertise is of valuable benefit for our customers—creating winning fragrance directions that build healthy, ever-growing product portfolios.


Technological Advantage

ETOSHA's recognized creativity and vast technical expertise enable us to develop a broad range of consumer-preferred fragrance solutions. Using a wide range of proprietary technologies, our scientists continually examine and improve our fragrance delivery technologies to enhance fragrance performance. Combined with our expanding array of fragrances and ingredients, ETOSHA's technical expertise ensures optimal fragrance performance in all types of fabric care products. 

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